I hope you are well

I hope you are all well, its been sometime since I have posted here. Yet I feel nothing has changed really in the world. In fact it has got somewhat worse with current affairs being at the forefront of every one’s minds. I sit here it’s a Tuesday or as we know it Tyr’s day and I wonder what the gods must make of all this.

Asatru today!

So that’s why I’m a full Asatru and why I fully embrace our gods and the was of the ancient ones. But I this of some of the things I have been seeing online, I feel e can be Asatru and be peaceful and mindful of others and how they choose to worship others. Just because they are Christian doesn’t mean that they personally stole our ideas and spun them to there faith. So why do certain areas troll them, give them full on abuse for something that happened thousands of years ago?