Who are we…

We in the actual sense is me! I’m a practicing Asatru, Odinist, Pagan or Heathen, which ever really takes your fancy. I found the gods some three years ago, after a brush with some spiritual experiences I had when I travelled to California. Let me tell you this now, it was strange and half the time I feel I might be going slightly mad and somewhat insane. But I have been told, by many Shamans and Mediums that what I hear and see is very real, without any explanation from myself. I found Freyja as my guide and she through visions and speech has introduced me to the wonderful world of the Gods.

I do not force what I do or feel on anyone and this place, this website is my way to express how I feel about being Asatru this day in age. I found so many sources on the Internet and many that didn’t carry the values I see in my faith. I simply wish to share mine and how I see being Asatru. I’m glad you could all stop by and read some of my rambles and I hope some of the prayers I share are helpful to you. Id love to chat to more Asatru and urge you to leave comments and views.

More than anything I’m still learning and welcome people to teach. We are one world on Midgard and if we rise together we can fly together.

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