The Technology Age

Good morning my fellow Asatru, Odinists or just pagan! I hope you are all well and are safe and sound in the new normal. This has been such a strange time right? I mean we have had here in the UK, Brexit which divided the land, Covid-19 which has divided the land, BLM which has 100% divided the land. It’s been a crazy two years with so much negative energy floating around.

Fear, bad feeling, aggression and other factors floating around right now really must push the spirits watching down on us to a breaking point. I mean we only have to go back some 70 years to see how men fought for the freedom we have today. For centuries before that men and woman have fought for freedom, the one we feel like we have today. But do we really have freedom or is it a false idea?

Like many before us we have become shackled to the need for instant information. The need to be first and to understand that even if it’s not true it must be real, it’s written online. When did we become so fast to spread our opinion, I mean have a thought and put it in a status not thinking of others and how it may affect those around us. Have we lost the values that our forefathers fought and taught us, thats its ok to hate, that its ok to spread our words even if they will upset someone.

We live in a world with so much available to us, with world at our feet and we really can become anything we want to be. But as a race we are wasting it. The gods must be watching and laughing, Im sure this would tickle Loki a little and I imagine the All father sat with his head in his hands, he has giving us all his wisdom and gave up parts of himself to do that and we choose to use it this way. But most most of all I imagine Freyja is crying, for the love has gone and to quote the song ‘ Where is the love’?

On another note I have been on a course with the Centre of excellence and can highly recommend it and there are some codes running around that can get you the 12 modules for £29.00! If you are new to Asatru, The Gods or just fancy some learning give it a look.

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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