Eir – Protection, Mercy …

Midgard is under stress right now and I hope somewhere the All-father wanders and is offering the sick some help, that he is quietly watching as the earth starts to breath a little more. I hate to see so much suffering in the world of men right now, I hate to see so many scared and venerable people, the gods will is all I can have faith in. I worry for the children who grow up with kin this virus has taken, I worry for the older people who have no one to talk to and that their week, was simply made up of meeting people in a local coffee shop, just to get some sort of human interaction. Or the man who has mouths to feed and has lost his job, and cant afford to make rent let alone put food in the pantry.

This virus be it man made or not, 5g related or not is the least of the issues we face as a race. We need to be there for our kin more now than ever. We need to understand that the human cost this lockdown will have will be more than just people getting the virus. The cost of life after this event will still be connected to this period. The world we know, the world we had has changed and I think it was needed, its almost like the reset button has been pushed. If we as a race walk back to the same issues and same problems we had before this virus then we have learn’t nothing, and we do not deserve to walk on Midgard. The change will come, the change is needed and mother earth needs us to make them.

In Norse mythologyEir (Old Norse “protection, help, mercy”) is a goddess or valkyrie associated with medical skill.

I talk to the great Valkyrie Eir and ask her for protection for all man, woman and child. I ask her to raise the swords of the mighty Valkyrie, to come down from Asgard and protect us all. I ask her for mercy for all the lost souls, as they travel the Bi-frost to dine in the halls of the gods, to watch over them and they join the gods for the first time.

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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