Staying safe…

I thought I’d pop on and check on my wonder Asatru friends and hope you guys are all staying safe in this world, where ever you may be.

It’s all a little crazy right? The world has gone slightly different to how we all envisioned it would be after yule ended. Shouldn’t we all be getting ready for the summer and what ever raids we are looking to take on. I call them raids, but not in the literal sense. I guess I find my raids to be personal goals and achievements I’m looking to conquer this year. But here we all are locked down and locked up in our respective homes.

I think its a really good time for a reboot, a time and place to gain some serious headspace, but to more importantly reconnect to the gods and find some peace with that. We have such a busy lifestyle these days, mobile phones, work, travel and such that finding time to just be, to sit in ones head and speak to Valhalla is always bottom of the list.

Maybe this is natures way of slowing us down, making us have time for ourselves, making time for the gods, making time for our kin and trying to get some values back in to our lives. We need this, so when you need to rush around fighting for toilet rolls and other things, remember to slow down, think of your village, your community and the older generation.

Reconnect with the gods and seek time to reconnect with yourself, this is a perfect chance. Give yourself 10 mins a day of peace and quiet, be at one with your spirit and that of the ancestors.

Freyja, Goddess of gold, Inspire me today

Show me the way to walk through this moment, to reconnect to myself to you and to all the gods.

Goddess of fiery passion, bless me the insight to not only think of me but also others in this sad time. May you take all those lost spirits to your garden, to soothe those who carry wounds and those who fight to join Odin in Valhalla.

May I show others and radiate this to all my kin

That is my prayer today, Oh great and powerful Goddess. I will mirror your presence throughout my day.

Hail Freyja, shining goddess of gold, I praise you….

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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