It’s a crazy world right now

I sit here listening to the crows bellowing from the speakers as Wardruna bang the drums of the gods, speaking to us via the medium of song. I hear Odin’s name pumping in to my ears and feel a sense of relief wash over me, the national news is muted in the background with its yellow band of alerts scrolling below filling the mids of its watchers with up to date sadness. I feel sad for the world right now, I feel sad for the weak, the scared and the venerable. What have we become…

We have abused our planet for so long and in someway this is her way of fighting back. A micro virus that will kill, it will kill the people who we hold dear and it will hurt many more, yet as the human race has displayed many times before and will do many times in the future, we sit on a knife-edge. The difference between normal and all-out crazy is such a thin line, almost as thin as a piece of paper, yet here we stand as a people, as a world caressing the edge.

The hysteria created that has forced many to stockpile food and household items is simply uncalled for, this isn’t Ragnarok, this isn’t the end of days and this isn’t the last breath you will all breathe. It’s simply another situation whereas people we must look for light to help each other pass-through. I urge you all to seek wisdom from Odin, Love from Freyja and protection from Thor. Don’t fall under Loki’s spell and start taking from the neighbors we hold so dearly, help our older generation as they gave us life. Seek that of the gods and ask for guidance and look after your kin.

The time now is for calm and to follow the advice and wash those hands! Stay home if you are sick, but most of all, be calm! We will all dine-in Valhalla one day, but today my friends is not that day! Summer is coming and the raids begin!


Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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