Asatru today!

You ready for a revelation? I’m a medium of some description, I hear and see spirits. Some call me crazy and some say its a personal journey, some look at me with some disgust and think I belong in some institution for the insane. I have given close friends energy healings and I have worked with runes to try and see if they tell some fortune or even the future. I can walk into a room and feel the energy and decide just on that if I want to stay there or not. Again some call me crazy and you know what half the time I think I do to… Sometimes…

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I have a spirit guide who calls herself Freyja, I mean that’s the name she uses, I don’t know if that’s the goddess Freyja or an imposter who calls herself Freyja. But I think it is her and the light and energy she omits is crazy. Spiritual friends who have connected with her also feel it and I have had many confirm who it is I say it is. So why did I say all this! Well, to be honest, it’s just nice to get it off my chest and say something as I keep it very private.

So that’s why I’m a full Asatru and why I fully embrace our gods and the was of the ancient ones. But I this of some of the things I have been seeing online, I feel e can be Asatru and be peaceful and mindful of others and how they choose to worship others. Just because they are Christian doesn’t mean that they personally stole our ideas and spun them to there faith. So why do certain areas troll them, give them full on abuse for something that happened thousands of years ago?

Why do groups feel the need to work towards claiming history is the only reason they exist. I read just today about how Christians stole our yule and made it the 12 days of Christmas. Look I mean history is a cruel mistress, so much has happened and so much has been recorded from one side. Why can’t we as Asatru just try and fit into the world and share our views as Odin would want? Freyja is love, and she will guide us in moving forward. I just wish we stop trying to blame history and other faiths and just create Asatru in the 21st century so we can be taken seriously and we can be a peaceful faith that is left alone to worship the gods.

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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