The modern-day Asatru

I have been doing a little bit of net surfing lately, trying to understand how we as Asatru fit in this world. Of course, the old ways see us as warriors with our only way to Valhalla is to die in battle, to seek favor with the gods through brutal acts. For me, this is the glamor side of what we do, its the poster child for our faith and that’s why it’s picked up by hate groups and others. They see our ways as a way to justify hate and ‘fight’ for an honor so they can enter Valhalla and dine with the gods. I have been pondering this of late and have some thoughts on the matter.

Freyja – Image owned by copyright holder

Firstly I should point out these are my views and feel I really need that to be said. Ok here goes, firstly I have been watching season 5 of Vikings ready for the new season that’s just been released (Side note its a great show and should be watched) anyway, there is a certain storyline that the character Floki the boat builder takes on where he tried to empower a settlement to be peaceful. The gods speak to him for this to happen, to stop brothers killing brothers and to end the bloodshed. Firstly that’s the Asatru I wish to be, I wish to be tolerant and peaceful, my goddess Frejya commands it from me. Odin is my All-father but Frejya is who I worship.

My other wonder or question is this, Ragnarok is the end of days in Asgard, the gods fight a mighty war against evil and when this happens Baldur will be reborn! I hope I have the story straight as I write this and hope if I don’t then please tell me, I’m always happy to learn. But if the above is right, we died all those years ago to form the army in Valhalla to fight that war with the gods. Now I ask this, What if that war has happened, what if the gods showing up now is their way some 1000 years later that the end of days is over, light shines on us from Baldur who is now reborn and we are now able to leave in peace and harmony with other faiths, peoples and creeds.

I don’t want my faith to be connected to hate or to have it only right for fighter and those in the national services. We have the chance to be heard, the chance to show that we as Asatru are peaceful loving kind people who can live amongst others in a world that is crazy.

I ask you to join me in for a moment with Frejya the goddess of love

Freyja my goddess, Allow me today to fill my heart with love, guide me on my journey and fill me with peace and harmony, allow me to seek my brother’s arm in care and not violence, My goddess Freyja we praise you…

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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