I have been away…

I have had some issues of late trying to understand how my faith fits in my life. Is Asatru really me, did I hunt for it or did it find me and being a spiritual person I often asked myself if I was crazy. Does the god Thor really protect my room as I asked him too? does Freyer offer me love and comfort? does Odin give me wisdom and help guide me?

The list above could go on and on, I have struggled somewhat with my faith of late and there is so much miss-information out there. Some groups focus on the military to push Asatru or some the old way focusing on nature and the old ways of living. But how do we fit Asatru into a daily boring life?

We know longer grow crops or have summer raids, we no longer have to give birth to children without medical intervention so a lot of the old ways are somewhat deemed no longer needed. We need not sacrifice small animals or if the tales are true humans to the gods for a good harvest the next year, nor do we ask the gods to give us safe births and pain-free children. I prey to Freyja daily and ask for just a peaceful mind, I feel a connection to her more than that of Odin and Thor, I wear my armring with pride and have my hammer of Thor around my neck at all times.

I think for me it’s about understanding, it’s not like I have a church I can pop into on the way home or a social group who can help me go over what we can use daily. And as I said above there are pockets of people pushing the god’s messages in different directions and to different people. I would love to simply find a group that just discusses the gods and how they fit into working joe lives.

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Anyway I am back and will be updating regularly and hope you enjoy my reads and please leave me some comments and we can have a chat. I have a wonderful theory on Baldur I’d love to chat about.

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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