A meeting of two faiths

Sometimes being a pagan is tough! People think you are slightly nuts or that you take small animals and sacrifice them to a higher being. That you dance around a tree and take many woman to bed in some sexual desire. This is the case, I promise you my friends as much as the last part sounds fun. I became a pagan last year when my gifts came out after many years, “Old Magic” I was told by many spiritual folks. See Im somewhat of a medium and trust me folks its as crazy to me as it sounds to you, I still struggle with it daily but I have sort out many people to help me understand it and guide me.

Freyja was the first name that came through to me from my now faith and I have quizzed this spirit many times about how, why and what they are. I truly believe it is her and that the information she has given me can only stronger bring that forward. But anyway thats another long blog post for another time. So back to the point of this one! So minding my own business walking to work today I was stopped by a young man offering me a leaflet. Do I believe in god he asked? Me with my normal reply and thinking I should somewhat avoid that question said “No”. It’s my natural response you, people thing of you nuts when you utter the words “No but I believe in Gods!”. He asked why? I simply stated I’m a pagan and then waited for that look.

But my Odin loving friends that look never came, he simply said the following “Wow, thats cool and Im glad you have a faith, so many do not these days!” and let me tell you this, I was shocked and surprised. But what happened next was awesome and I must say the lad was a polite young man and showed interest in our faith and what we do within it. He never once told me I was wrong and I had a good 20 minute conversation with him. About life, the world , the gods and everything. To the point we actually swapped numbers and said we should get together and discuss it some more over a coffee!

Buldr – is the god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun
– Image owned by copyright holder

The whole exchange has restored my faith in people of other faiths, I have had some negative reactions in the past and to have a faithful man speak to me for a while and understand a belief system is a personal choice and exchange some views on both was a heart warming and eye opening experience. Today showed that two faiths can have a healthy discussion and walk away friends. Today was a nice light and warming! I thank Baldr for the light that shined down today as me and my new friend can discuss all that is real in the world and still walk away as buddies!

For people, the greatest things are fire, the sun, great health, and living a great life

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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