The week on the edge

This week has been tough, for many reasons, to which I wont explain or go into. It’s been a long hard tough one, let’s just say that. Have you ever walked around and not seen a face you no or can talk too? That’s how my life feels where I live, I literally have no one to turn too, I’m just here alone working on a contract and have been for sometime.

So I have had some issues with a person and its bought me to my knees, like literally I felt horrendous. I walked the local Mall on Tuesday afternoon searching for a friend, someone to talk to, grab a beer and go over it, anyone would have done and there I stood and I didn’t see a face I knew. ALONE!! That’s truly how I felt, just alone. I stood there and wondered whats the point, why bother anymore. Valhalla seemed like the best possible answer. To dine with the gods and just be free of hurt and pain, to stand next to Freyja and feel her love or have Odin give me his wisdom.

Freyja – Goddess of gold (Image copyright of owner)

I actually thought about it for maybe 15 mins, how much nicer would that be, to finally feel some peace, no more pain and no more hurt. I was consumed by this thought of actually taking my own life just to let the pain and hurt go away. Valhalla seemed a better option and then something happened, something remarkable. My phone buzzed, and I had an instagram message, from a Norwegian lady I have never met or spoken too. I post the odd Asatru post but not many but I do hashtag #Viking often, so how and why she reached out i’m not sure, but what she did snapped me out of it and made me think the gods were watching.

The message read “May Odin grant you wisdom, Thor Protect you and Freyja show you love xxx”, At that moment the relief was unreal, a smile drifted across my face and I felt a sprint in my step. These past few days since have been positive, they have been full of smiles and I feel more focused on my goals. That moment I knew the gods were watching, in my darkest moment I needed something and they delivered. Many may call it coincidence me I call it divine and my gods watch over me.

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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