My First Encounter!

So it all began last year, June 2018 to be precise. I’d had an up and down life since this moment; some joyful fun times and some very dark days, full of all the things most people go through in life. I had two kids from two different woman, one of which I did see and one of which I didn’t, I had a just came out of a six year marriage and quite simply was a little lost in what I wanted to do moving forward. Now I am a software developer, which I do enjoy very much! It’s one of my biggest achievements in life and to this very day I’m happy with that. I’ve always felt something missing, and always felt like I had a purpose or simply to see something beyond my normal everyday 3d world life.

Anyway, back to June! So it rolls around and I find myself through a set of circumstances in the The Collage of Psychic Studies, London. A nice midday meditation to sooth the soul is always cool, right? So I climb up this old set of stairs to a very large attic space in this three story large- I’d say Edwardian town house. Images of past occupants and students hang from the wall, and the hand rails have managed to lose their brown color over the years. The walls could use a lick of paint here and there, including the peeling ceilings which, really do give you a sense of how old this building is. So I climb stair after stair up a narrow corridor and then hit this room which has caused my body energy to change, I felt a shiver down my spine and the hairs on my arms stand to attention! To say I didn’t feel right was a HUGE understatement, I felt very anxious and uneasy but I went with it. I steadied myself and took a breath and sat in a room full of chairs, a few ladies sat to my right and I managed to snag one by the door, just incase.

Then I heard it, “GET OUT!!!!!” in the lowest male voice, booming in my ear. I looked around searching for where it came from, my eyes darting left to right, up and down trying to find the males voice. “GET OUT NOW!!!” there it was again, I couldn’t compute it, my brain was in a frenzy and I couldn’t see were the shouting was coming from, I had to leave. I had to get out and run, that’s exactly what I did as fast as I could out of the door. But I am a man of science (or so I thought), I needed to see were the shouting came from and in my head I just kept telling myself there must be a room next to the one I was in and figured two people were arguing in it. So that was my first stop, I rounded the corner to be greeted by a toilet, and yep that was it; that was all I could see a wonderful ceramic loo with a lovely pull chain flush and I must say a lack of paper!

I walked back past the room I had so quickly left and gazed in for a few seconds, their sat at the back of a room was a rounded gentleman at a desk. Pen in hand and paper to write on, pointing at something. He dressed strange, and I have not seen a desk like that… ever. The papers to his left lifted as high as his neck and his white beard hung low with a brownish tinge to the moustache, which I assume was due to smoking. He sat very proud and very stern in his posture; as I viewed him for a moment I noticed not a single person in the room paid any attention to him, like he wasn’t there. They all had their eyes closed meditating, humming, and being in that moment. “GET OUT NOW!!!” one more time from the man at the desk and again no one in the room flinched and that was my cue! My legs haven’t moved that quick in 20 years, I raced down the stairs to the book room, took a seat as my body returned to a normal state and just continued to sit.

Published by Phoenix Morby

I tell stories in the form of song! Playing my guitar and just trying to make peace with shadows of the past! New EP out in APRIL!

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