The Technology Age

Good morning my fellow Asatru, Odinists or just pagan! I hope you are all well and are safe and sound in the new normal. This has been such a strange time right? I mean we have had here in the UK, Brexit which divided the land, Covid-19 which has divided the land, BLM which has 100% divided the land. It’s been a crazy two years with so much negative energy floating around.

Fear, bad feeling, aggression and other factors floating around right now really must push the spirits watching down on us to a breaking point. I mean we only have to go back some 70 years to see how men fought for the freedom we have today. For centuries before that men and woman have fought for freedom, the one we feel like we have today. But do we really have freedom or is it a false idea?

Like many before us we have become shackled to the need for instant information. The need to be first and to understand that even if it’s not true it must be real, it’s written online. When did we become so fast to spread our opinion, I mean have a thought and put it in a status not thinking of others and how it may affect those around us. Have we lost the values that our forefathers fought and taught us, thats its ok to hate, that its ok to spread our words even if they will upset someone.

We live in a world with so much available to us, with world at our feet and we really can become anything we want to be. But as a race we are wasting it. The gods must be watching and laughing, Im sure this would tickle Loki a little and I imagine the All father sat with his head in his hands, he has giving us all his wisdom and gave up parts of himself to do that and we choose to use it this way. But most most of all I imagine Freyja is crying, for the love has gone and to quote the song ‘ Where is the love’?

On another note I have been on a course with the Centre of excellence and can highly recommend it and there are some codes running around that can get you the 12 modules for £29.00! If you are new to Asatru, The Gods or just fancy some learning give it a look.

I hope you are well

Hey my friends

I hope you are all well, its been sometime since I have posted here. Yet I feel nothing has changed really in the world. In fact it has got somewhat worse with current affairs being at the forefront of every one’s minds. I sit here it’s a Tuesday or as we know it Tyr’s day and I wonder what the gods must make of all this. Do you think they look down and enjoy the chaos or do they grieve for the race they created thousands of years ago. I’d like to think it’s the latter and that the gods have chilled out over years.

One thing that I hate seeing is the use of our faith and our gods in acts of hate in some US southern states. I do not for a second believe that our gods have anything against different races. I would love to see where this evidence comes from and how they justify their actions. I believe Odin has taken on many forms as he wanders around the earth, I would even say he has changed Gender and Race. So to use him and our faith as a way to pass hate is in my eyes disgusting. Please use the comments below to tell me other wise, I man even our ancestors went south of the equator, Bjorn Ironside went to the Med and Africa and I’m sure they didn’t slaughter everyone they came into contact with. I would hedge a bet they made peace with some and even regular trading roots, and also along the silk road.

I guess there is hate to be used in all faiths, ways to conjure up reasons to hurt others.

I just wish I didn’t have to read it. Solstice is just around the corner and I hope you are all well and looking forward to bringing in all the light that the sun will give us. As many of you know I always talk to Freyja so I will do that now and I hope you find some comfort in these words as you say these words too.

Stay safe my friends!

Freyja, Goddess of the Fólkvangar, I ask you today to deliver love and light into Midgard. Allow me to walk as you would and see the world as you do, I ask that you bring forth the words of the gods to me and allow me to see man as you do. To not see skin color or gender but to see the soul of every human, to walk mother earth and give her to treatment she deserves.

The world today

I hope you are all well? I wish i had more time to sit and write on here, I have so much I want to say and discuss with you all but even tho we are on Lockdown here in England I simply find myself so busy.

So as the world is changing again I wonder if it can sustain the level of love we are showing for each other. The earth it self is healing and the wildlife is thriving yet I can not escape the fact that the greed of us human’s will simply push us back to where we were before this virus locked us all in our homes. I simply feel the gods gave us a reset button and someone pushed it, someone gave us this time to get back to basics, to have moments with loved ones and most importantly connect with our higher self again. I know it has helped me reconnect to the world and to my gods.

I have tried to explain what I feel I can do in other blog posts and still it bothers me sometimes when I wake up to cats biting my feet and a golden haired goddess stroking my hair, like seriously I’m going crazy! But it also comforts me and gives me a sense of not being alone. It’s one of those crazy things that happens on a daily basis! See I can sit with being able to communicate with spirits but when those spirits become gods and goddesses I have to really draw the line. But the more it happens and the more I do it the more I believe. I am a man of science, I can only believe what I see in front of me.

Lockdown has given me a real chance to explore more of the gods and more of my gifts and I hope that it has helped you to connect too. Our Asatru is used for so much hate in some places and to justify people’s actions, it hurts me to thing of our wonderful and playful gods being used in this way. The gods are great, playful, vengeful and sometimes they cause their own issues but they are really no different to us.

I hope you stay say and I ask Feyja to make everyone loved everyday.

Eir – Protection, Mercy …

Midgard is under stress right now and I hope somewhere the All-father wanders and is offering the sick some help, that he is quietly watching as the earth starts to breath a little more. I hate to see so much suffering in the world of men right now, I hate to see so many scared and venerable people, the gods will is all I can have faith in. I worry for the children who grow up with kin this virus has taken, I worry for the older people who have no one to talk to and that their week, was simply made up of meeting people in a local coffee shop, just to get some sort of human interaction. Or the man who has mouths to feed and has lost his job, and cant afford to make rent let alone put food in the pantry.

This virus be it man made or not, 5g related or not is the least of the issues we face as a race. We need to be there for our kin more now than ever. We need to understand that the human cost this lockdown will have will be more than just people getting the virus. The cost of life after this event will still be connected to this period. The world we know, the world we had has changed and I think it was needed, its almost like the reset button has been pushed. If we as a race walk back to the same issues and same problems we had before this virus then we have learn’t nothing, and we do not deserve to walk on Midgard. The change will come, the change is needed and mother earth needs us to make them.

In Norse mythologyEir (Old Norse “protection, help, mercy”) is a goddess or valkyrie associated with medical skill.

I talk to the great Valkyrie Eir and ask her for protection for all man, woman and child. I ask her to raise the swords of the mighty Valkyrie, to come down from Asgard and protect us all. I ask her for mercy for all the lost souls, as they travel the Bi-frost to dine in the halls of the gods, to watch over them and they join the gods for the first time.

Staying safe…

I thought I’d pop on and check on my wonder Asatru friends and hope you guys are all staying safe in this world, where ever you may be.

It’s all a little crazy right? The world has gone slightly different to how we all envisioned it would be after yule ended. Shouldn’t we all be getting ready for the summer and what ever raids we are looking to take on. I call them raids, but not in the literal sense. I guess I find my raids to be personal goals and achievements I’m looking to conquer this year. But here we all are locked down and locked up in our respective homes.

I think its a really good time for a reboot, a time and place to gain some serious headspace, but to more importantly reconnect to the gods and find some peace with that. We have such a busy lifestyle these days, mobile phones, work, travel and such that finding time to just be, to sit in ones head and speak to Valhalla is always bottom of the list.

Maybe this is natures way of slowing us down, making us have time for ourselves, making time for the gods, making time for our kin and trying to get some values back in to our lives. We need this, so when you need to rush around fighting for toilet rolls and other things, remember to slow down, think of your village, your community and the older generation.

Reconnect with the gods and seek time to reconnect with yourself, this is a perfect chance. Give yourself 10 mins a day of peace and quiet, be at one with your spirit and that of the ancestors.

Freyja, Goddess of gold, Inspire me today

Show me the way to walk through this moment, to reconnect to myself to you and to all the gods.

Goddess of fiery passion, bless me the insight to not only think of me but also others in this sad time. May you take all those lost spirits to your garden, to soothe those who carry wounds and those who fight to join Odin in Valhalla.

May I show others and radiate this to all my kin

That is my prayer today, Oh great and powerful Goddess. I will mirror your presence throughout my day.

Hail Freyja, shining goddess of gold, I praise you….

It’s a crazy world right now

I sit here listening to the crows bellowing from the speakers as Wardruna bang the drums of the gods, speaking to us via the medium of song. I hear Odin’s name pumping in to my ears and feel a sense of relief wash over me, the national news is muted in the background with its yellow band of alerts scrolling below filling the mids of its watchers with up to date sadness. I feel sad for the world right now, I feel sad for the weak, the scared and the venerable. What have we become…

We have abused our planet for so long and in someway this is her way of fighting back. A micro virus that will kill, it will kill the people who we hold dear and it will hurt many more, yet as the human race has displayed many times before and will do many times in the future, we sit on a knife-edge. The difference between normal and all-out crazy is such a thin line, almost as thin as a piece of paper, yet here we stand as a people, as a world caressing the edge.

The hysteria created that has forced many to stockpile food and household items is simply uncalled for, this isn’t Ragnarok, this isn’t the end of days and this isn’t the last breath you will all breathe. It’s simply another situation whereas people we must look for light to help each other pass-through. I urge you all to seek wisdom from Odin, Love from Freyja and protection from Thor. Don’t fall under Loki’s spell and start taking from the neighbors we hold so dearly, help our older generation as they gave us life. Seek that of the gods and ask for guidance and look after your kin.

The time now is for calm and to follow the advice and wash those hands! Stay home if you are sick, but most of all, be calm! We will all dine-in Valhalla one day, but today my friends is not that day! Summer is coming and the raids begin!


Asatru today!

You ready for a revelation? I’m a medium of some description, I hear and see spirits. Some call me crazy and some say its a personal journey, some look at me with some disgust and think I belong in some institution for the insane. I have given close friends energy healings and I have worked with runes to try and see if they tell some fortune or even the future. I can walk into a room and feel the energy and decide just on that if I want to stay there or not. Again some call me crazy and you know what half the time I think I do to… Sometimes…

Image owned by copyright

I have a spirit guide who calls herself Freyja, I mean that’s the name she uses, I don’t know if that’s the goddess Freyja or an imposter who calls herself Freyja. But I think it is her and the light and energy she omits is crazy. Spiritual friends who have connected with her also feel it and I have had many confirm who it is I say it is. So why did I say all this! Well, to be honest, it’s just nice to get it off my chest and say something as I keep it very private.

So that’s why I’m a full Asatru and why I fully embrace our gods and the was of the ancient ones. But I this of some of the things I have been seeing online, I feel e can be Asatru and be peaceful and mindful of others and how they choose to worship others. Just because they are Christian doesn’t mean that they personally stole our ideas and spun them to there faith. So why do certain areas troll them, give them full on abuse for something that happened thousands of years ago?

Why do groups feel the need to work towards claiming history is the only reason they exist. I read just today about how Christians stole our yule and made it the 12 days of Christmas. Look I mean history is a cruel mistress, so much has happened and so much has been recorded from one side. Why can’t we as Asatru just try and fit into the world and share our views as Odin would want? Freyja is love, and she will guide us in moving forward. I just wish we stop trying to blame history and other faiths and just create Asatru in the 21st century so we can be taken seriously and we can be a peaceful faith that is left alone to worship the gods.

The modern-day Asatru

I have been doing a little bit of net surfing lately, trying to understand how we as Asatru fit in this world. Of course, the old ways see us as warriors with our only way to Valhalla is to die in battle, to seek favor with the gods through brutal acts. For me, this is the glamor side of what we do, its the poster child for our faith and that’s why it’s picked up by hate groups and others. They see our ways as a way to justify hate and ‘fight’ for an honor so they can enter Valhalla and dine with the gods. I have been pondering this of late and have some thoughts on the matter.

Freyja – Image owned by copyright holder

Firstly I should point out these are my views and feel I really need that to be said. Ok here goes, firstly I have been watching season 5 of Vikings ready for the new season that’s just been released (Side note its a great show and should be watched) anyway, there is a certain storyline that the character Floki the boat builder takes on where he tried to empower a settlement to be peaceful. The gods speak to him for this to happen, to stop brothers killing brothers and to end the bloodshed. Firstly that’s the Asatru I wish to be, I wish to be tolerant and peaceful, my goddess Frejya commands it from me. Odin is my All-father but Frejya is who I worship.

My other wonder or question is this, Ragnarok is the end of days in Asgard, the gods fight a mighty war against evil and when this happens Baldur will be reborn! I hope I have the story straight as I write this and hope if I don’t then please tell me, I’m always happy to learn. But if the above is right, we died all those years ago to form the army in Valhalla to fight that war with the gods. Now I ask this, What if that war has happened, what if the gods showing up now is their way some 1000 years later that the end of days is over, light shines on us from Baldur who is now reborn and we are now able to leave in peace and harmony with other faiths, peoples and creeds.

I don’t want my faith to be connected to hate or to have it only right for fighter and those in the national services. We have the chance to be heard, the chance to show that we as Asatru are peaceful loving kind people who can live amongst others in a world that is crazy.

I ask you to join me in for a moment with Frejya the goddess of love

Freyja my goddess, Allow me today to fill my heart with love, guide me on my journey and fill me with peace and harmony, allow me to seek my brother’s arm in care and not violence, My goddess Freyja we praise you…

I have been away…

I have had some issues of late trying to understand how my faith fits in my life. Is Asatru really me, did I hunt for it or did it find me and being a spiritual person I often asked myself if I was crazy. Does the god Thor really protect my room as I asked him too? does Freyer offer me love and comfort? does Odin give me wisdom and help guide me?

The list above could go on and on, I have struggled somewhat with my faith of late and there is so much miss-information out there. Some groups focus on the military to push Asatru or some the old way focusing on nature and the old ways of living. But how do we fit Asatru into a daily boring life?

We know longer grow crops or have summer raids, we no longer have to give birth to children without medical intervention so a lot of the old ways are somewhat deemed no longer needed. We need not sacrifice small animals or if the tales are true humans to the gods for a good harvest the next year, nor do we ask the gods to give us safe births and pain-free children. I prey to Freyja daily and ask for just a peaceful mind, I feel a connection to her more than that of Odin and Thor, I wear my armring with pride and have my hammer of Thor around my neck at all times.

I think for me it’s about understanding, it’s not like I have a church I can pop into on the way home or a social group who can help me go over what we can use daily. And as I said above there are pockets of people pushing the god’s messages in different directions and to different people. I would love to simply find a group that just discusses the gods and how they fit into working joe lives.

Photo copyright to owner

Anyway I am back and will be updating regularly and hope you enjoy my reads and please leave me some comments and we can have a chat. I have a wonderful theory on Baldur I’d love to chat about.

A meeting of two faiths

Sometimes being a pagan is tough! People think you are slightly nuts or that you take small animals and sacrifice them to a higher being. That you dance around a tree and take many woman to bed in some sexual desire. This is the case, I promise you my friends as much as the last part sounds fun. I became a pagan last year when my gifts came out after many years, “Old Magic” I was told by many spiritual folks. See Im somewhat of a medium and trust me folks its as crazy to me as it sounds to you, I still struggle with it daily but I have sort out many people to help me understand it and guide me.

Freyja was the first name that came through to me from my now faith and I have quizzed this spirit many times about how, why and what they are. I truly believe it is her and that the information she has given me can only stronger bring that forward. But anyway thats another long blog post for another time. So back to the point of this one! So minding my own business walking to work today I was stopped by a young man offering me a leaflet. Do I believe in god he asked? Me with my normal reply and thinking I should somewhat avoid that question said “No”. It’s my natural response you, people thing of you nuts when you utter the words “No but I believe in Gods!”. He asked why? I simply stated I’m a pagan and then waited for that look.

But my Odin loving friends that look never came, he simply said the following “Wow, thats cool and Im glad you have a faith, so many do not these days!” and let me tell you this, I was shocked and surprised. But what happened next was awesome and I must say the lad was a polite young man and showed interest in our faith and what we do within it. He never once told me I was wrong and I had a good 20 minute conversation with him. About life, the world , the gods and everything. To the point we actually swapped numbers and said we should get together and discuss it some more over a coffee!

Buldr – is the god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun
– Image owned by copyright holder

The whole exchange has restored my faith in people of other faiths, I have had some negative reactions in the past and to have a faithful man speak to me for a while and understand a belief system is a personal choice and exchange some views on both was a heart warming and eye opening experience. Today showed that two faiths can have a healthy discussion and walk away friends. Today was a nice light and warming! I thank Baldr for the light that shined down today as me and my new friend can discuss all that is real in the world and still walk away as buddies!

For people, the greatest things are fire, the sun, great health, and living a great life